Thursday, June 30, 2011

made my goal :)

So we made my goal! Yay! Although I'd really like it if we could make some extra fun money for me to spend on things like lapdances and toys. :D Today's also the last day to buy my content before it all gets deleted. You can offline tip 500 tokens to get all 13 of my videos and get a peak at my picture galleries before they get taken down tonight. (You'll have plenty of time to download the videos, I just won't be selling them and the list will be taken down off my profile) Anyways, I'm exhausted from all the extra shifts and double shifts I've been working the past two weeks so I'm going to take a nap for a bit. I'm really happy we made my goal and I'll have enough for gas and food. :) Too bad I only have $8 in my bank account right now though, lol. Here's a nudey pic for everyone to enjoy while I nap. :) Donations to my chip in or offline tips still get rewards and goodies. :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Exxxotica here I come!!

I am just $200 away from my goal for Exxxotica!!!! I am so freaking excited! Everything I make after this $200 will be fun money that I can spend on lapdances, new toys, lingerie, drinks, etc. :) All of my tippers have been so awesome the past two weeks. You guys have gotten me so close to having enough for this trip and I couldn't be more grateful. Yes, my sex life has taken a small dry spell due to all the extra shifts I've been working, but we'll get back to poking privates and posting smut once we get this last $200. If I could make another $400 that would be fantastic! But I'll be happy if we just get the last $200. I have 4 days left in this pay period to make the last $200 and then another 9 days to make whatever extra for my chip in and paypal. Ahhh! I'm so excited and nervous! Lol.. To top all this off, I found out the launch party for Exxxotica is going to be a lingerie ball! I have NO CLUE what to wear. I'm open to suggestions and may even take a poll on what everyone thinks would look the best. Also, I WILL be meeting up with fans to give out pictures and for a few lucky fans I will even be scheduling a dinner date. :) If you want in on this start contributing to my chip in. My two highest tippers will get to join my roommate and I for dinner, drinks and possibly some dancing. You'll have to pay for your own travel and accommodations, but dinner and drinks and 1 VIP ticket to Exxxotica are on us. :) We won't go out of our way to get you to attend because this is a working vacation for me, but we'd love to meet up with you if you're in the area or already planning on attending. :) Alright, now that I've finished my sales pitch enjoy a nudey pic of me. :D
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Friday, June 24, 2011

been awol

Sorry I've been awol. It's because I've been camming double to try and make enough for this vacation. We're still about $500 short and it's making me nervous that I'm not going to make enough betwee now and the 30th. That and I haven't been getting laid lately. A 3am session in bed when roomie's already asleep and I'm trying hard not to move or wake him up isn't super sexy. Ahh.....I need to just rape him already. Or have someone send me some toys that work and fix my hornies ;) In good news, I scored some stupid cheap furniture that's in really good condition! :D My house is looking less like a barren dorm and my flowers are blooming and sprouting faster than weeds. :) Anyways, I'm off to shower and get ready for tonight's shows. Enjoy this banner and shop around for some toys to buy me :P
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Friday, June 17, 2011

i'm a cum watcher!! :D

I'll be honest, I LOVE watching my roommate cum. It's so different from watching myself orgasm or squirt so it fascinates me a lot. The way he masturbates, what he uses for inspiration, how he teases himself and finally finishes. I LOVE watching the cum shoot out. It's like watching an awesome squirt gun. :) The only problem is we usually finish our sex with a cream pie or I swallow so I rarely get to actually see him cum. I get to see him spasm and watch his eyes roll back but I don't get to see the actual finish. So today I decided to take over his self love session. He said no when I asked to help him with my hands so I felt a sabotage was in order. I bided my time. Waiting and watching him stroke himself. He was hard and pulsing, moaning softly as he watched a girl give a sloppy blowjob on the internet. When he was completely ingrossed in what he was doing I struck. I crawled up between his legs to his groin. I pulled off the blanket he had covering what he was doing and moved his hands to my breasts. With his hands on my breasts his focus instantly shifted to me and what I was doing. I started with my hands, stroking, teasing and caressing to get him harder and ready for my mouth. I knew what I wanted to make him do, he though he was just getting a morning blowjob. ;) He was so hard and the skin was so taught that I didn't want to wait long. I used my hands to tease while I lowered my lips to his head. I started kissing it with my lips open and gently sucking each time I kissed. He was dry so I used the flat of my tongue to get him wet and slippery. He was warm on my hands and in my mouth. I wanted to watch him cum so bad that I skipped the rest of the teasing and completely engulfed him in my mouth. He was pulsing and twitching. He moaned as his head hit the back of my mouth. It twitched and hit my tonsils, causing me to moan a little. I sucked hard and slid him in and out of my mouth. The suction was so hard it hollowed in my cheeks. I pumped him hard for a minute until I remembered I wanted to tease him. I stopped moving, but I kept my lips closed and lapped at him with my tongue; encouraging him to thrust against my mouth. He did, hard. Before I knew it he had both hands on my head and was fucking my face hard. All I could do was moan and suck. I kept my lips closed tight around his hard shaft. He pumped faster, thrusting hard against my face and knocking my hair loose. He was going really far down my throat. It made me wince because he hit hard so I pulled off for a minute. He was really close so he grabbed my breast hard with one hard and thrusted against his other hand. I could see his balls twitching and jumping they were so full. He pumped faster and his balls jumped hard right before he came. It shot all over my knees, hands and his balls. It was like a super powered water gun. It was so hot that it made me wish I had rode him instead. After it had all shot out, I got up slowly so I wouldn't drip all over him. I got him some tissues and helped clean him up. I felt very satisfied cleaning the hot cum off his balls. I did that for him and it was satisfying. I felt powerful and attractive. :) I think I may have to start doing this more often it was so much fun. :D
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Friday, June 10, 2011

help me win :)

Alright guys, there are 3 days left for voting on! If we win I will post  FREE FULL LENGTH video for everyone! :D When we hit 50% I will post a FREE blowjob teaser video. So you want to go vote for this and help me win.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

"fuck that's hot"

Good news! Roomie and I fixed our problems. :) I cried for an hour and then we had sex for an hour. Lol but I'm sure you don't want to hear about how I cried so I'm going to post about our sex. :P After I finished crying I laid down on his chest and curled up so he could hold me. Since I was laying on his chest I could smell his cologne. It always gets me going. Between the hormones from crying and the smell of his cologne it got me really hot. The next thing I knew I was rubbing against his bulge and his fingers were snaking down the back of my pants and under my thong. I guess the idea of me wearing a thong turned him on because he started massaging my ass. It was intoxicating; the mix of hormones and his smell. I noticed his bulge getting bigger and as I started rubbing it through his pants his fingers started probing my asshole and playing with it. He used his fingers to force me to rub against his body. My breasts were smashed on his chest so hard that I had to turn my head to kiss him. I licked and nibbled on his neck as I pulled open the buttons on his shirt and pants. I had trouble reaching to get him unclothed so I pushed him onto the floor so we could get to each others' bodies better. I pulled off his pants first and then did his shirt. Each time I'd pull something off I went back to kiss him, harder each time I went back for more. Once his was fully undressed I decided to tease him with some oral play. I started slow, just the head and only part way in. Gradually I sped up. Taking his whole cock into my mouth, faster each time I went all the way down. After I got him really wet, I moved back up to kiss him hard and stroke him with my hand. I teased him and used his cock to get myself wetter while he kept fingering my ass. Once I was really wet I used my hand to guide him into me. I was so tight he almost stopped breathing for a minute and his eyes rolled back into his head. We both held still and moaned as the head of his penis entered me. It was slow and tight. I was so wet that I was dripping all over his balls and our legs. We were sticky with my juices. It helped loosen everything up so he could push in farther. After he was entered to his hilt he started going fast and hard, fingering my ass at the same time. He used his free arm to pin me against his chest tight. His cologne smelled so good that I buried my face in chest and bit him. We crushed our lips together and kissed and sucked each other hard. He slammed into me and pushed his fingers all the way inside. It made me dizzy it felt so good. I couldn't take more than a minute before I rolled over and pulled him on top of me. Once he mounted me he started pounding into me so hard I couldn't breathe. I dug my fingers into his back and butt. He cradled my head with his arms and pumped harder. He was so deep that his balls were hitting my sensitive asshole. It was still puckered and sensitive from his fingering so it felt really good and made me clench hard. When I clenched he moaned and I felt his balls jerk tight. He wasn't ready to come yet so he pushed me off and made me ride him. He used his hands to jerk my hips back and forth. We were moaning so loud that his eyes rolled back and his balls were jumping and clenching like crazy. It only took a minute of me riding him really hard before he yelled and came. He came so hard so that I could feel it hit the inside of my walls. He had five really hard spurts of hot cum. I slowed so that he could finish. Even though he came hard he didn't forget about me. He lifted me off him and rolled me onto my tummy on the floor. He used his left hand to reach around my stomach and force me to lift my ass into the air. Once I was high enough he took his left hand and hooked his pointer finger into my ass and curled his other fingers around my buttcheeks. With his right hand he hooked his pointer and middle finger into my pussy and curled his thumb around to rub my clit. He alternated between pumping hard and fast and then going really slow to tease me. It got me so hot and then I'd hear him moan things like "fuck this is so hot", "damn I can see your pussy and your ass", "yea, I love it when you're on my fingers". And the one that turned me on the most was when he quietly moaned "I love seeing you like this and feeling my fingers inside you....fuck you feel so good....fuck that's hot...fuck....fuck yea...fuck". That got me really close so he pulled out of my ass and told me to rub my clit while he used his fingers to pound hard into my pussy. It only took about twenty seconds until I exploded all over both our hands. I squirted so much that it drenched both our hands and dripped down my arm and soaked the floor. I was clenching and spasming so hard he had to hold his fingers inside me until it stopped. By the time my pussy settled down I was passed out on the floor panting. I fell asleep while he cleaned himself. When he was done he helped carry me to the bathroom and cleaned me so I wouldn't wake up. After I was clean he let me rest for a few minutes before he woke me up to dress me and feed me. It was probably the best sex I've ever had to date. :) Now here are some pictures of my sex face. Enjoy!
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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

girls night with my sister in law

went really well. we both ende dup accidneantlay getting drunk and we smoked a bowl of my hookah. i'm prety drunk or tipsy. not sure which. oh well, ima about to go live on mfc and i'm watching my new pornos. you should come play with me, just saying. i'm horny.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Join my text army!

Just tip 1000 tokens or choose one of the phone packages and donate to my chip in and you'll be added for life. The first person to join my text army gets an exclusive solo video that I will make tonight. You will be THE ONLY person with this video. :) So let's get it going, let's see who joins my army first. :D Oh yea, I'll be sending out hot, naughty pix tonight. So get in on this!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

bj pics :) (AND my phone number!!)

I thought I'd share some blow job pictures I took yesterday and share how you can get some awesome goodies from me. :) First I'll list some goodies you can get from me and how you can get them.
For my Exxxotica chip in:
$5-picture set of your choice
$10-video of your choice
$15-8x10 glossy signed photo of me from the event (if you attend, picture of us together)
$20-custom video and picture set (either from the event or of your choice)
$25-custom video/picture set and signed 8x10 glossy
$30-20 minute skype
$35-11x17 signed glossy
     OR 28 minute skype
$45-39 minute skype and recorded video of our skype session
$50-ALL my content (pics/videos) AND 15 minute skype one-on-one cum session
      OR 25 minute skype cum session AND MY **PHONE NUMBER for a phone sex session (during our skype)
$60-Everything in the $50 package PLUS a signed 8x10 glossy AND a custom video (your choice of solo cum show with toys or fingers, you choose how I cum and with what)
     OR skype date, romance and seduce me and take me to the bedroom ;) (skype dates can last no longer than 1 hour and 45 minutes)
$100-ALL my content (pics/videos), signed 8x10 glossy, 35 minute skype AND my **phone number!
1000 tokens-my **phone number!!

**Once you pay for my phone number you get it for life as long as you don't abuse the privilege. This means you can text anytime I'm live or during times I've specified and you have calling privileges during all our privates.

Now, onto the blow job pictures. :) I swallowed at the end and let him rub his sac all over my face and mouth. Enjoy