Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A 2 Ring Feeding Circus

I have mastered the art of feeding Spawn and myself at the same time. It just takes a lot of balancing and careful maneuvering.

Step 1: place baby on boppy with butt hanging into middle, head propped on pillow facing my chest and arms stretched across my chest
Step 2: assemble various meal items: bottle/dinner plate/cup/etc
Step 3: carefully balance bottle either on bare chest (for friction) or cupped in the next of my shirt
Step 4: tuck blankey or burp rag under bottle to give it stability
Step 5: eat and do everything possible not to spill on the baby
Step 6: be so paranoid about spilling on the baby that you inhale your food and almost choke to death. Freak out and check on baby only to find that your panic attack just put him to sleep........
Step 7: grow another white hair...

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